Free Training for Maine's Displaced Workers

Helping Maine's Displaced Workers 

Unique situations challenge us to be and do more. Make this your time to expand your skill set and broaden your capabilities by participating in fully-funded certification courses in five critical-need job areas. In addition to earning a professional certificate at no cost to you, you will also earn one college credit toward a University of Phoenix degree - should you want to continue your education even further.

As the impact from COVID-19 continues across the country, we have found ourselves speaking with workers who have lost their jobs due to workforce reductions, the need to care for family, or unexpected quarantines. As a global leader in employment services, we have the responsibility to help workers being impacted by this pandemic - which is why Manpower has partnered with the University of Phoenix to offer 5 certification programs to help you move on AND move up!

We are offering the following certification courses:

(you can find more information on each course below)

-Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

-Help Desk Support

-Contact Center/Customer Service Agent

-Contact Center Team Lead

-Warehouse/Manufacturing Team Lead


What You Need to Know:

-This program is available to ALL displaced workers (not just Manpower associates)

-These courses are completely FREE of charge

-Registration is QUICK & EASY - simply register by the Friday before the course starts

-Each certification takes as little as THREE WEEKS to complete

-Expected time commitment each week is 8-12 hours

-All courses are online (no need to travel)

-As you work through the course Manpower Recruiters will be actively working with our clients to promote your skills

-Each certification program will be offered twice over the next two months (June & July programs offered due to high-demand)


We have provided a brief description of each course below, and you can choose to register for the one most in line with your career goals. This opportunity doesn't come along every day, so don't waste it - ENROLL TODAY!

You can click any of the images to see a full course description.

Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable

Course Starts on June 8, and July 13

This certification is for individuals interested in getting their foot in the door into the world of accounting and starting a rewarding new career path where their detail orientation and skill with numbers can shine. In addition to helping you gain a foundation in basic accounting concepts and practices, this certification will help you learn key features within Excel and QuickBooks – two must-have programs that are essential for anyone wanting to pursue an Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Career.

In this 6 Unit course you will gain and expand on the following skills:

-Navigating Excel with confidence

-Fundamental accounting concepts

-How to organize and evaluate financial information

-Navigating QuickBooks and its core features

-Managing workplace stress

Help Desk

Course Starts on June 1, July 6

This certification is designed to help individuals interested in a career in information technology develop the skills to start in a help desk capacity. The IT world is growing rapidly and offers a rewarding new career path with staying power. In this certification program you will learn the fundamentals required for a role in Help Desk support, including troubleshooting, hardware and software support, networking, and technical problem solving. 

In this 6 Unit course you will gain and expand on the following skills:

-Overview of the Information Technology industry and a practical approach to troubleshooting

-Exploring devices, hardware, and their unique needs & requirements

-Diving in to Windows 10

-Understanding internet/network connections and their configuration

-Troubleshooting & security practices

Warehouse/Manufacturing Team Lead

Course Starts on June 1, July 6

Are you ready to take the skills you have learned working in a warehouse or a production floor to a new level? This certification program will help you do just that. You will build on your knowledge of basic business operations in order to effectively manage a team, costs, and department productivity.

In this 6 Unit course you will gain and expand on the following skills:

-Using Excel to support inventory management 

-Management fundamentals 

-How to effectively manage a team

-Professional communication skills

-Effective team & business problem solving

Contact Center/Customer Service Agent

Course Starts on June 1, July 6

To be successful in the world of customer service, it takes more than just liking people - it takes mastering skills like handling difficult conversations, supporting customers, conflict resolution, problem solving, and using traditional computer software with confidence. Those are some of the career-building skills you will gain in this certification program.

In this 6 Unit course you will gain and expand on the following skills:

-Introduction to Microsoft Word & OneNote

-Roles & responsibilities of a Customer Service Representative 

-Supporting customers & handling difficult ones

-Conflict, stress, and time management

-Supporting an effective work environment

Contact Center Team Lead

Course Starts on June 8, July 13

Are you looking to advance your career in customer service or contact center operations to take more of a leadership role? This certification program will help you do just that. You will build on your knowledge of basic customer service fundamentals while expanding them to include team & performance management, understanding and addressing performance metrics, conflict management, and so much more.

In this 6 Unit course you will gain and expand on the following skills:

-Building and directing a high-performance team 

-Performance management & quality control

-Managing team & customer relationships

-Support tools, technologies, and metrics

-Working through conflict & challenging team members

-Sustaining a customer-focused environment