Keeping Your Employees Engaged This Summer

Just take a step outside and your will realize summer is here. With that comes an increase in likelihood that your employees are dreaming about all the fun that can be had outside of work. Because Maine has 4 very distinct seasons, the summer tends to bring the same excitement of holidays, except this time it lasts for an extended 3 month timeframe. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep employees engaged while remaining productive this time of year.

Make Them Comfortable.

Whether you are in a fully air conditioned office or working in the trenches, it is important to make sure your staff is comfortable. It is hard to stay focused when you are dripping in sweat or shivering from and arctic blast of air from the cooling system. Whenever possible, do a climate check with your team and allow some flexibility to move away from the a/c or into the shade.

Promote Vacation Time.

We all have so much to do, and it never feels as though there is enough time to do it. Some employees may be concerned about taking time off in the summer because they are afraid the work won't get done, or that they will be leaving a hole for the company to fill. Ease their fears by encouraging them to take a scheduled vacation and model the behavior you want to see.



Relax Your Dress Code.

Several companies help beat the summer heat and improve morale by relaxing their dress code in the summer. We aren't suggesting that any company do a complete reversal in their policy, as there is something to be said about dressing for success and safety. But, you could consider offering jeans Fridays or allowing shorts. Whatever you do, be sure the policy is clear.

Get Them Outside.

Make sure that employees are taking their breaks. Even encourage them to get outside for a bit to soak up the sun. Perhaps the company could form a group that walks at lunch, set up a game of cornhole in the parking lot, or picnic tables for employees to dine at. You may even find that promoting these mental breaks will increase productivity for the rest of the day.



Do Something Fun.

Many employers help improve employee morale and engagement by offering some form of staff outing or event in the summer. You could close up shop for an hour, a day, or even host an event in the evenings or on weekend. The idea is just to provide and opportunity for your staff to have a little fun.






Surprise Them.

Who doesn't like a surprise? We aren't talking the 'jumping-out-of-a-hallway' and scaring them kind of surprise, but more over, catching them off-guard with a special treat. Whether it is an ice cream social or tickets to a game what matters most is that you are doing a little something extra to show your appreciation.