5 Ways To Show Employees You Care

1. Get To Know Them

Employees want to know that they are more than just an item on your balance sheet. Get to know them, what makes them tick, and what their goals are. Getting to know them on a deeper level will build loyalty, trust and increase productivity and performance. 

4. Be Generous With Praise

It sets a bad precedent if the only time an employee hears from you is when they have done something wrong. Take the opportunity to catch them doing something right and take time to let them know. It doesn't have to be much, even a simple 'Thank You'.



2. Be Open & Honest

During good times and bad a company stands together. Being transparent shows your employees you trust them. Employees are paying attention, they know if the company is doing well or not. By being open you will not only show you care but you can prevent unnecessary rumors. 

5. Make Time For Them

Sometimes employees have bad days. And, it is likely that those days can impact their performance. If you notice an employee is in a slump, don't wait for things to snowball. Ask them is they would like to chat, grab a coffee or go for a walk. It can make a world of difference. 



3. Sweat The Small Stuff

When it comes to showing employees you care, it really does boil down to the little things. A simple 'Hello" in the morning, or 'Have a Good Night', go a long way in showing them you care. Also, keep in mind they say, 'food is love' so the occasional donuts or muffins work too. 


















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